My New, last year, March to March of 2013/13, I did a sketch a day using a crazy little app called SketchTime. You can find it here.. SketchTime and some of my sketches are there as well). And if you take a look at the Digital Painting page, you will see my years work. Over the course of the year, I really got into doing portraits in my SketchTime app, but they were pretty time consuming to do one a day, so..... I am devoting a week to each face this year (they might not all be human) ....for the next 50 weeks or so. Hence the page FiftyFaces in SketchTime.
BUT!! there is also a new app in my life and his name is Paper 53
Now, don’t be upset ST, its not you it’s me, and in a perfect world, I would like to combine you two together, but I am hoping the three of us can all get along. So for the next 53 weeks, (or 53 drawings, whichever comes first) I am going to see what we can create together. .....ENJOY!!!!!